Guide to buying tiktok likes

The site I am talking about is, which is a place you can buy pretty much tiktok_imageanything to grow your tiktok account. You can buy tiktok likes, buy tiktok followers, buy tiktok comments & even buy tiktok video views which is pretty neat.

However I think the best thing about this site is its prices, everything is super cheap! I mean even I didn’t believe it at first and I thought it probably doesn’t work. buy likes for tik tok with paypal But I decided to give it a try and bought the smallest package they have for sale for likes which starts from about $3 for 300 likes for one of my videos and sure enough about an hour or so later they delivered.

I compared their prices with some other sites online and I can say these guys were always the cheapest. If you don’t believe me just compare for yourself the prices on the other sites offering the similar services.

Here are some of the packages for likes you can buy on Also have a look at this guide to tiktok followers
300 Likes for $3 1000 likes for $10 2500 likes for $25 5000 likes for $50

I like that they provide high quality likes from real people and not bots.